Our Mission is to Grow Owasso, Oklahoma.

The Owasso Economic Development Department helps create an environment in the City of Owasso where:

  • business and industry can invest money and receive a quality return on their investment
  • every part of the workforce can find and maintain quality employment, earn a quality wage, enjoy quality benefits, and maintain a high standard of living
  • every citizen can prosper physically, emotionally, financially, and spiritually
  • every citizen and every family can find a product and/or service for every need in an efficient and convenient manner

The Owasso Economic Development team mission is to plan, implement, and promote projects and programs that directly benefit the community’s rate of economic growth. As part of this mission, the Owasso Economic Development team in 2017-18 embarked on a process of strategic planning. The result is an economic development strategy currently being implemented, including the identification of appropriate target industries that would be a good fit for Owasso. The purpose of this plan is to strategically invest resources so that Owasso Economic Development sustains and perpetuates opportunities for Owasso citizens. By diversifying job opportunities, Owasso will suffer less negative impact from cyclical economic challenges.

For more information about the strategic planning process and results:

As a cooperative part of the Owasso Chamber of Commerce team, we do our part to remove the obstacles in the way of business and industry growth.