Owasso is Serious about Existing Business Support.

Owasso’s leadership understands that taking care of existing businesses assists with the recruitment of new businesses. Satisfied local business owners can be important advocates and proof to prospective businesses considering an Owasso location.

Owasso city departments actively engage with existing businesses that are expanding and are highly responsive to local business needs. Many business application and registration forms are available on the City’s website.

Owasso’s Economic Development team annually produces economic and community profiles and a retail outlook report, and hosts an annual economic summit to provide businesses with the tools they need to survive and thrive. The City also supports Buy Owasso, an ongoing campaign designed to inform residents of the importance of buying locally and unite the business community to recognize and reinforce the message. The holiday season Holly Trolley allows shoppers to park their cars and ride the Trolley for free from one shopping destination to another.

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Business THRIVE Program

The foundation of our economic development program is business retention and expansion. Our Business THRIVE Program is designed to 1) retain or keep existing businesses in our community; and 2) provide assistance for our businesses to grow and expand. An effective retention and expansion program is based on accurate knowledge of the business community and constant communication. The Business THRIVE Program will help businesses with:

  • identifying and assisting with financial and technical assistance programs;
  • facilitating between sources of assistance and the company needing them;
  • advocating for the business community's concerns, especially as they relate to the policies and procedures of local and state government.

The Business THRIVE Program requires building and maintaining good relationships with existing businesses. This program is currently under construction. The Owasso Economic Development team will launch this program in the Q2 of 2019. Please stay tuned – we will need your help with this great effort! For more information, please contact the Economic Development team at 918-376-1518.

Local businesses also benefit from a strong community banking presence in Owasso.
Nine banking institutions currently operate branches in the city.

The City of Owasso’s public and private sectors work together to create a supportive environment that encourages business success. As a result, businesses in Owasso experience a low-cost, hassle free, collaborative approach to doing business in the community.

The City of Owasso partners with the following entities to help support our local businesses: