Owasso’s Major Employers Keep 16,000+ Workers on the Payroll.

Several well-known businesses have facilities in the Owasso, Oklahoma, area including American Airlines, Verizon, Whirlpool, Nordam, Honeywell and Macy's. The large numbers of employees and easy-access roads in Owasso make the daytime demand generated by area employers attractive to a variety of retailers and restaurants. More than 65% of Owasso residents work in the Managerial, Financial, Professional, Administration, or Sales fields, compared to 57% of the general Oklahoma population.

Among working Owasso residents, more than 50% now earn more than $3,333 per month. Nearly all net new job growth among Owasso residents since 2002 has taken place in this highest wage group. (Source: 2018 Owasso, OK Economic Outlook)

Major Employers in the Owasso Area

Business Name Type of Business # of Employers
Source: City of Owasso 2018-2019 Budget
American Airlines Aircraft 7,000
Macy’s Distribution Center Retail Distribution 3,500
Whirlpool Corporation Appliance Manufacturer 1,600
Nordam Group Aircraft Components 1,500
Owasso Public Schools Education 1,000
Wal-Mart Supercenter General Merchandise / Grocery 550
Reasor's Retail Grocery 345
NSP Quality Meats Food Processing 340
City of Owasso Public Services 280
Bailey Medical Center Medical 241
Bama Food Food Processing 225
Honeywell Industrial Products 215

The retail sector in Owasso is particularly strong. Several cities in northeastern Oklahoma and southern Kansas have little or no retail in their local areas. Owasso’s location and access make it a magnet for regional and national retail operations that not only serve Owasso, but also the outlying areas, and even Tulsa. The revenue from sales tax allows the city to better support existing businesses and to encourage additional growth.