Owasso Ranks High in Educational Attainment.

The Owasso, Oklahoma workforce has convenient access to a variety of workforce training and academic programs. Owasso’s talent pipeline begins in most cases with Owasso Public Schools, one of the largest and highest ranking school districts in the state. STEM is taught at all Owasso elementary and junior high schools, and junior high students have opportunities to participate in robotics.

Owasso parents also have the option of sending their children to Rejoice Christian Schools which offer a complete curriculum, from Pre3 through 12th grade, including college preparatory and honors classes, to more than 950 students. Test scores in every grade place Rejoice in the top 10% of schools nationwide, both public and private.

Educational Attainment

  Owasso Rogers Co. Tulsa County Tulsa MSA
% High School
Graduate or Higher
94.3% 92.4% 90.6% 91.5%
% Bachelor's
Degree or Higher
35.6% 26.8% 35.0% 30.9%

Both Tulsa Tech and Tulsa Community College have campuses in Owasso. These institutions ensure access to the career and technical training that today’s employers require. Owasso companies can leverage a robust set of higher education resources across the Tulsa region for skilled talent, including:

The quality of education in Owasso is such that more than 30 percent of the workforce holds some type of four year
college degree and higher, and residents embrace the concept of lifelong learning.